Learn the art of ballet with professional ballet lessons at StagePro Academy ballet school in Warrington.

We have ballet lessons for the little ones who are just starting out and we also have open ballet classes for juniors and seniors as well as graded ballet classes.

For students who who wish to take grades in ballet, then we now offer a ballet class on Mondays where students will be assessed and be able to enter for grading exams.

All ages welcome so if your looking for ballet classes in the North West, then please give us a call ! For children’s ballet classes and adults ballet classes in Warrington, please contact StagePro Academy on 01925 428432.

At StagePro Academy dance school we have some fantastic dance teachers who specialise in ballet and can teach ballet to high standards. One of our teachers specialises in Cecchetti Ballet.

StagePro Academy we have loads of ballet classes in Warrington which are suitable for both boys and girls. We have a ballet movement class which is basically children’s ballet where they learn the basics of ballet. We also run a junior ballet, jazz and tap class and finally we have the senior ballet class which is for all levels age 14+.

Ballet is a traditional and graceful form of dancing focusing on turn out, strength, poise and extensions and is the fundamental core to all dance styles.

Good technique and posture are vitally important and ensuring students are applying both correctly, the teacher must be able to assess easily. All ballet students must wear a leotard, tights and ballet shoes. No jewelry is permitted for students own safety and all hair must be tied back in a bun.

Graded Ballet
At StagePro Academy the students are trained in ISTD Cecchetti Ballet. Each grade works them through the steps progressions and glossary, building the confidence of the student in technique, stamina and style so they are prepared for their exams.

For more information on adults and childrens ballet classes in Warrington, contact StagePro Academy ballet school.

Cecchetti Ballet School Warrington