Young talented dancer Elissa Sweeney headed to Glasgow this weekend where she competed in the UDO World Street Dance Championships.

Elissa (nicknamed Liss) from Warrington is just 5 years old and full of character. This combined with her confidence and dancing skills helped her achieve qualification to this incredible event where the best from all over the World meet and battle for the trophies.

This weekend she headed to Glasgow with her mum Emma Sweeney and her 3 sisters and what an incredible experience it turned out to be.

From the outset, Liss went into battles for fun and wasn’t afraid to go up against much older and much more experienced dancers. This just pushed her harder in preparation for the dance workshops she also attended at the UDO event.

Elissa at UDO Worlds 2015

The following day it was time to get serious and Liss was ready to compete in the Under 5’s Solo category of the UDO WorldX Championships.

The intensity was incredible and what an experience it was. Liss competed in round one and instantly grabbed the judges attention, putting smiles on everyone’s face with her confident character. Liss was called back through two rounds before her competition ended. What an incredible result for such a young dancer. Just one step of the final round finals.

All of StagePro Academy, family and friends would like to congratulate Liss on her achievements and bring on 2016 !