We started off today’s lesson by pairing up and doing an improvisation task. This included us being given a circumstance and characters that were contrasting in emotions and the idea was to really show the tension between the characters through their emotions and how they responded to what was going on as the improvisation went on.

We then did the task again but instead of using speech, we just used emotions so that it helped to really show how we felt about the situation and as the actor we were able to ensure that we were really expressing how we were feeling and making it clear to the audience.

We then went onto working on our pieces within the group, Jake and myself are currently working on the play Two by Jim Cartwright whilst the others are working on Shakespeare and his work to go towards the show. Jake and I went through the scene of Fred and Alice within Two, starting off by blocking the scene and then rehearsing it whilst getting feed back from Dan in preparation for the show that we have been working on for the last 7 weeks.

Emma Campbell (17) – Adult Drama Class