Drama… It seems to be notorious for it’s stereotype of big groups and melodramatic productions cast with a side of diva-like actors…. but that wasn’t the case this week within StagePro.

Wednesday’s lesson was all about coming together in a small group, minus some of our members due to other priorities such as college or work, and working to produce something with a message.

The lesson started off with some introductory improv. Dan, getting into the spirit, set us off with a completely new warm up by having us act against one another with one catch – induct the other person into your scene. I played against fellow actor Emma. Let’s just say she beat me hands down playing a cinema goer because despite the fact I came up with a unique character, a psychic channeling the spirit of Bob, instead of catching her character’s attention the spirit of Bob ended up surrendering to his need for popcorn, thus ending our improv.

Next we warmed up by creating situations on the spot in a casual game of “Park Bench”. Only two characters were allowed on at once and when on you had to create a situation between the two. I won’t deny that watching an OCD man (Dan the teacher man) walk into a park and try to clean a very aggressive girl (Hayley) is quite hilarious, especially when they have uncanny timing and skill in not breaking character until the ability to laugh is too great.

Then came the big reveal. Today’s lesson was about creating a physical introduction for our upcoming Adult Drama showcase, meaning we use only movement in a mini-performance before the actual play or range of performances begin. I won’t deny it can be hard when your having too much fun to think of something both creative and engaging for an audience.

However, eventually we all agreed upon a montage for getting ready which will hopefully introduce our production of Two being performed by Emma and Jake. Given a segment each of the montage to choreograph, we all set to work creating a set of movements for all to perform in unison. The results were funny beyond compare. Daniel especially outdid himself with a very nice dance for the first part.

This taught me that with enough enthusiasm it doesn’t matter how many people are within a play, you can still create something with meaning. I suppose that’s what StagePro at the end of the day – teaching people to express their views and feelings through their creativity, giving it that umph and meaning.