StagePro Academy junior street dance team APEX Dance Crew decided to enter Warrington’s Got Talent on the final days of auditions and even then only made the auditions with minutes to spare.

Yes, it was a last minute decision to enter the dance crew into Warrington’s Got Talent due to the fact they had only been dancing together for a few weeks but receiving the letter today made it all worth while.

APEX Dance Crew have now reached the semi finals of Warrington’s Got Talent where they will compete for a place in the finals which take place in September 2013 and the Parr Hall in Warrington.

This is a great weekend for APEX who are also in the Street Dance International competition this Sunday in Huddersfield.

Good luck APEX Dance Crew for tomo at SDI and all StagePro Academy are supporting you in the Warringtons Got Talent finals.