Auditions for a short film production to be held at StagePro Academy in Warrington on Thursday between 9am and 4pm.

The production is SO WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO? written by Nick Thomas and Chris Rose

The film will be for Electricity North West, to make an electrical safety short film where the final product will be used to promote awareness of electrical safety that will be shown in schools across the North West region.

This is a community partnership team trying to use as much of our local talent as possible and they are already working with students from Warrington Collegiate and Bury College to make the film. They would really like local young people to star in the roles. It is an experience only opportunity but they can provide references and send a link to the final video.

The client is looking for a maximum of 25 people for various roles so if your interested then come along to StagePro Academy on Thursday 15th August 2013 – its a fantastic opportunity and its first come first served !

They are looking for young people aged between 8 to 17 a mixture of boys and girls to fulfil the roles. Character profiles available at StagePro Academy reception to show you which characters they’re auditioning for.

Call Joanne on 07739 187888 for more information