StagePro Academy students in Warrington have recently done their ballet gradings with IDTA and so far its been a 100% success rate.

The ballet students have been working so hard towards their grades and exam time can be a daunting experience as students just have the desire to succeed. Although very hard work we are positive that all students have done amazing but what matters more is that ballet students just do their best.

The IDTA  is the International Dance Teachers Association and here at StagePro Academy we train the ballet dancers to a high standard and encourage them throughout their classes. Once prepared and know what to expect, the dancers are entered into their examination and dates are set.

If you have a child and want them to take ballet lessons and achieve gradings in Ballet, then pop into StagePro Academy of Dance in Warrington. We will train them in fantastic studios with great teachers and we will help them all the way to achieving success.