Ballet has proven itself to be one of the most graceful arts and we have all heard of Swan Lake which is probably the most famous of all ballet shows.

Once you have learned ballet and you a training at a certain standard then a ballerina will want to go on-pointe and learn this unique style of ballet.

Pointe is an art in itself and here at StagePro Dance Studios in Warrington we run specialise pointe classes and also offer one to one private classes should you want that extra push.

Being on-pointe can tgakes years of practice and you have to be trained in the correct way to avoid causing damage to yourself. It takes time to perfect this skill and you have to build up the strength and technique to ensure you become a great on-pointe ballerina.

Not every is suitable to go on-pointe so it is really down the the teacher who makes the final decision. If you do want to attend a pointe class at StagePro Academy then please get intouch for more informaton.