First of all I would just like to say how very proud I am of Beau Dermott who was absolutely amazing on Britain’s Got Talent singing Defying Gravity from Wicked.

Beau is such a lovely person who is very passionate about singing. When she sings she always brings people to tears with her emotional voice. Beau has been having singing lessons with me since she was 7 years old. In the beginning attended regular singing lessons with me and I helped to develop her voice. She now comes to me once a month or when she’s working on a new song or when she has a performance coming up (local talent comps and Britain’s Got Talent)

Beau has been born with a gift for singing and I have been there to nurture her. She is a very shy person in general and even 5 years on, Beau is still a shy and very quiet girl. She always gets nervous when singing in front of an audience and these nerves only vanish when she gets into the zone and starts to sing.

In lessons we always warm up her voice so it keeps healthy and doesn’t strain. We choose songs and work on her techniques with exercises to perfect songs that she sings. This is no different to a person learning their skills in karate, football, gymnastics or dance. The support from her parents is like any other parent supporting their children in something they love to do and certainly not “pushy parents”.

When StagePro Academy have a showcase, whether it be a Singing, Performing Arts or Dance Show we always invite Beau to sing as I do with all my vocal students and she always tries to be there. She only sings and is not involved in any stage school productions that we do.

Beau has entered a few local talent shows just like any other child would do. Yes she has won a few but also not won some and it’s all experience for her.

Once Beau decided she wanted to enter Britain’s Got Talent, we worked on different song choices and Defying Gravity was one of her favorites so we went with that. It turned out to be a fantastic choice. She performed it with such control and the audience reaction was incredible. Beau was extremely nervous due to the scale of the show but once she let her hands separate on that stage I knew she was in the zone and ready for it.

I am so excited to see her on the live shows and between now and then I am excited to help her with the songs. She is very special and I am very very proud of her.

Everyone loves Beau and I am supporting this young girl all the way just like I would any of my students. I would love the public to get behind Beau and make this experience the best it can be for both her and her lovely family.