Well what can we say but last night two dancers from StagePro Academy in Warrington performed on stage with no other than JUSTIN BIEBER !!

Charlotte Roberts and Callum Armstrong both 12 years old auditioned by learning a routine provided by the choreographer and they was picked from 1000’s of dancers trying to secure their place to perform with one of the worlds biggest pop stars.

The Justin Bieber Purpose Tour #PurposeTour is going all over the world and the selected dancers are invited on stage to perform to the song ‘Children’. Towards the end of the song, Justin speaks personally with each dancer and introduces them to everybody and we can ony imagine how they must have been feeling at that moment.

This is a life changing experience for these dancers and we could not be more proud that they were selected.

On arriving at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham, the two dancers were filled with excitement. This on its own was an amazing experience but when Bieber fans started asking for their pictures and autographs they knew they were in for something very special.

Callum and Charlotte could not wait to get on stage and get rehearsing before the show was to kick into action in front on the sell out arena.

Big thanks to everyone who posted comments of support and encouragement for these kids. Its hugely appreciated.

Also, StagePro would personally like to thank Josh Ricketts @ Soar who has been their every step of the way. Thankyou all !

Role on Thursday when our other dancer Chantelle Walehaine goes through the same JUSTIN BIEBER experience at the Manchester MEN Arena ! #boom