Four dancers from StagePro Academy have landed themselves parts in the new theatre production to be on stage in Liverpool 2014.

Students from StagePro Academy in Warrignton went to open auditions with a view to get parts in the new Theatre Production of Bugsy Malone which hits the stage in 2014.

Having received a call back, dancers, drama and performing arts students Chloe Williamson, Charlie King, Amy Boyle and Rachel Sellers headed up the the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool where they all did exceptional auditions and landed themselves parts in the Bugsy Malone by LHK Productions based on the successful British gangster film.

Set in 1929 New York City, the film is very loosely based on events in New York City from the early 1920s to 1931 in the Prohibition era, specifically the exploits of gangsters like Al Capone and Bugs Moran, as dramatized in cinema. Featuring only child actors (with singing voices provided by adults), Parker lightened the subject matter considerably for the children’s market

Big congratulations girls and StagePro Academy will be there supporting you all the way. Can wait to see it.