Yet again StagePro have reached the World Street Dance Championships which are held in Scotland next year.

Dancers from Warrington based Dance Studios headed to Stoke on Trent were they had to compete against some of England’s finest dancers and dance crews.

Over 4000 dancers all attended the qualifying dance championships and those who were winners get to compete at the European Championships and the World Dance Championships next year.

Adrenalin (Team)
Apex (Team)
Elissa Sweeney (Solo)
Tegan Williams (Solo)
Cerys Edwards (Solo)
Ellie Brownhill (Solo)
Kiera Walsh (Solo)
Charlotte Roberts (Solo)
Indea Loverseed (Solo)

It wont be long before we add a few more dancers to this list when they attend the next qualifying event. Well done all dancers and 2015 is gonna be a great year for you !