Please just check out this amazing quality video of Chantelle Walehiane dancing on stage with Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber is all over the news as he travels the world with his concert known as the #PurposeTour and we are very proud to have this incredible footage from the Manchester M.E.N Arena concert (20/10/2016) where StagePro dancer Chantelle appeared on stage with the pop star himself.


Chantelle is just 10 years old and what an incredible life changing experience this is for the young dancer. The memories of this performance on stage with Justin Bieber at the MEN Arena 2016 will last a lifetime and StagePro Academy could not be more proud. Well done Chantelle !

StagePro now look forward to Indea Loverseed heading to the concert on Sunday where she will experience the same amazing show when she dances with Justin Bieber too #purposetourmanchester