Senior performing arts at StagePro Studios Warrington are currently working on a show based on Mamma Mia The Musical. Amelia and Emily are students of the performing arts groups and below give an insight as to how the day went.

Today in drama whilst in senior preforming arts we split up into two groups and learned new things about each other and we had to remember them.

I enjoyed this because it gave us a chance to get to know one another and meant we bonded as a group. Then we went over a few scenes from the current musical we are practicing ‘Mamma Mia!’ And worked on blocking out the scenes from the script we have done so far and the transitions between the scenes.

After that we had a singing lesson which we warmed up are vocals by warm-ups such as trills, scales and much more. We went through some ‘Mamma Mia!’ songs and worked on harmonies for the songs we have currently been working on.

After singing we had a quick break and changed our footwear to dance shoes. The class started with our dance teacher Adam giving the class a warm up. He started with a pulse raiser and then proceeded with the stretching section of our warm up. He sent us to the corner and we did a turning combination we have been working on for a few weeks. Then we moved on to leap and jump combinations we concluded the class by practicing our dances for the show.

By Emily Wright (13) and Amelia Meacham (14)