Singers at StagePro Academy Theatre School in Warrington put on a evenings entertainment helping to raise money for one the the dance teams who are heading to Rimini in Italy where they will dance in the IDO European Dance Championships representing England.

The amazing singers who all attend StagePro Studios put in a few weeks practice on a song of their choice and then all came together to put on a singing show for the parents, guardians and Heartbeat dance crew who they are raising the money for. Singers of all ages got up and sang and iut was a fantastic evening all round.

StagePro Academy believe in really supporting each student to achieving their dreams and putting on the show was just one step to helping the 5 girl dance team (featuring Tumelo Moniwa) live their dream following the intensive training they have gone through.

Heartbeat Dance Crew head over to Italy in a few weeks time and are very thankful to all the help they have received from everyone around them. From Sponsorship to fund raising, every penny collected is a big help to these young girls and for that we thank everyone who has contributed in anyway.