Here are answers to questions We get asked about singing, vocal techniques and singing lessons. We don’t always have time to respond individually to singers over the phone so let’s try and list a few singing tips – do’s and don’ts.

Am I too old to start taking singing lessons ?

You would no believe how many singers ask this question and there is definitely no age limit about singing tuition. Singing makes you feel happy and good about yourself so why should you not have Singing lessons. Not only does singing each day make you feel positive, but it’s also a great way to get you out the house and gives you something to look forward to each week.

I have a cold and my voice is hoarse and a barely there.

Try to rest your voice before the performance and make sure you drink lots of fluids. Don’t push yourself too hard on the harder songs with higher lower vocal ranges and if possible, miss these out. Remember, on most performances the effects of a cold can be pushed aside as adrenaline kicks in so be confident about your singing voice.

Sing with confidence

A shy singer usually tries to sing with their mouth hardly opening. Open your mouth when singing because you need enough space for the sound to come out. If you watch professional singers on TV or you watch on good singer at a Karaoke night then you will notice they are confident and their mouth opens when they sing.

Control your breath

Having proper control over your breathing during singing can make all the difference between a good singer and a great singer. Here at StagePro Academy we know many techniques that can help you with your breathing during songs.

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