35 contestants were stunned yesterday when they got the boot from X Factor’s Boot Camp without even getting a chance to sing.

Hopefuls had travelled from all over the UK down to London where bootcamp is held but after spending the night partying and boasting in the lush London hotel on Sunday, they only woke to find that some where going home without even singing a note.

Fortunately, for us, Brad Johnson was not one of these unlucky contestants and was allowed to sing infront of the judges one more time.

Its a very nervous time for us all today as Brad will find out at 5.30pm whether or not he has manage to make the last 32 out of over 100,000 people who entered.

We are all behind Brad and whether he has or has not made it through, we are all very proud of his amazing achievements so far.

Xfactor 2011 starts on 20th August.