Today during our drama class we did the kids scene in Blood Brothers. Firstly, we set up the staging so we was performing ‘in the round’; this enabled us to perform our scene out to all angles of audience, and each member was able to see something that was going on at all times.

We then went on to perform the scene, using different techniques, such as chorus. At first we recapped what we did last week, and then continued to rehearse and add to the material we had. One of the main bits of the scene included Sammy (played by Charlotte) standing on a stool, demonstrating his hierarchy in the game over the other children. In order to play the children we had to get into the mindset, and ensure that we weren’t standing still, and were particularly over dramatic, as children playing games often are.

We ended the lesson with Eddie and Mrs Lyons’ scene where she is in a state of dichotomy between psychotic madness and a normal mother. This helped build on characterisation for the two actors.

Megan Pugh 16 Teen Drama Group Warrington