It’s really hard to say who are the best singers because all singers are different and listeners like different styles of artists and songs.

Elvis Presley
Known as The King, Elvis Presley is without doubt one of the most successful singers this world has ever known. Musicians themselves still place Mr. Presley at the top of their lists of excellent singers.

Whitney Houston
With an outstanding vocal range that is unparalleled by others, Whitney Houston just has to be the list of the best top singers in the world. With songs like The Greatest Love of All and One Moment in Time, plus theme song for The Bodyguard, Whitney was an outstanding singer.

Mariah Carey
Another world famous female singer with an exceptional voice and vocal range. probably the most famous song she sang was Hero which displays one of the most incredible vocal performances of today.

Stunning voice and amazing songs with some of the best selling albums today’s charts. One of the best artists of the new millennium and has to be considered for top singers spot.

Michael Jackson
His vocal range was a 4 octave of a tenor, he had an amazing vibrato and sang across just about every genre of music. With massive songs consistently hitting chart success and songs such as Thriller, a Billy Jean and Black or a White, Michael Jackson and his legacy will live on forever.

Freddie Mercury
How could you not vote for Freddie Mercury who was the lead singer out of Queen. Freddie Mercury has to be one of the greatest vocalists and singers of all time because he has a unique voice that can simply not be replicated.

John Lennon
When you listen to Lennon’s voice in the early Beatles and then again in the song Imagine, this position in the Top 10 Singers list just has to be justified.

Celine Dion
One of the biggest powerhouse female singers of all time and definitely up there with the likes of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Stunning voice and incredible vocal range puts Celine Dion from Canada in the top spots.

Is this really a place for Madonna ? I believe so because her music captures the attention of millions . Madonna is an artist who has stood the test of time and had an unbelievable impact on the music world.