StagePro Academy dancers attended the SDI Street Dance competition in Wigan and once again brought home an incredible 27 trophies and medals including 1st place position for the Junior Dance Crew Apex.

Having arrived at 9am the dancing finally kicked off at 10am and it was not long before StagePro Academy were picking up the rewards. All the dancers who danced solo got trophies, all the duos got trophies and both teams Apex Dance Crew and Heartbeat gained top spot with 1st place trophies.

StagePro Academy offer some fantastic dance classes for children and juniors and are currently looking for new recruits for new dance teams starting in June or July. Here at StagePro Academy, you can attend dance classes for fun and fitness and for those who want to compete then we will guide and advise you. We also hold auditions for dance crews and constantly on the look out for talented dancers who can become part of the dance teams.