Here at StagePro Studios in Warrington love supporting the dancers at the competitions.

Having is fun at dance is absolutely essential and happy dancers make good dancers. There is no point dancing or going to dance comps if you are not havuing fun.

Yes, its hard sometimes when the little dancers dance their hearts out and don’t get a medal or trophy, but at StagePro Studios we believe in supporting the kids and encoureaging them to do well and focus on the enjoyment. We all have a fantastic rapour with all the other dance schools and we ensure a great atmosphere for the children.

Seeing the kids on the dance floor, popping out them moves to the music and looking over to see if there parents or judges are watching them is absolutely brilliant.

If you want to dance and be in a dance team, if you want to have fun and have the support and encouregment we offer then get in touch with StagePro Academy Warrington.