StagePro Academy in Warrington Town Centre are producing some incredible talent and taking the North West by storm.

Last weekend saw StagePro Academy attend the BDO Dance Championships in Stoke in which they entered 3 dance teams, several duos and numerous solo dancers.

ProjectE Dance Team, Apex Dance Crew and Heartbeat absolutely blasted their dance routines but having seen how good the competition crews were, waiting for the results was going to be a long wait. However, when that time came, it was well worth it ! All 3 dance teams was announced the winners in what was proved to be an amazing dance day for the student.

On top of this incredible success, the StagePro Academy dancers hit the floor yet again with duo and solo routines……and yes, smashing the dance and gaining even more trophies ranging from 1st place to 8th place in the National competition.

StagePro Academy are so proud of all the dancers and students and a big thanks goes out to Rossay and Craig who teach the hip hop and street dance at StagePro Academy.