This weekend was the StagePro Academy Showcase 2014 at the Parr Hall in Warrington and what an incredible evening it was!

StagePro Academy has expanded so quickly is the last 6 months that the shows have had to be split into categories and we now hold separate events for drama and singers. This weekend however was a showcase for performing arts groups and dancers featuring a couple of amazing young singers.

The show was absolutely fantastic and it could not have been achieved without the dedicated from students and support for family and friends.

Hosted by the StagePro Students Cayla Amos and Will Barnett, the show included a variety of performances including; Primary ballet, Primary Street dance, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Street Teams to House Dance Demo, Performing Arts Groups and featured singers Beau Dermott and Bobbie Jenkins.

It was a spectacular night at The Parr Hall and the support and cheers from the audience was absolutely brilliant ! A big thank you to all that came and supported.

The Three hours and 30 minutes of local talented children putting on a superb evening resulted in an abundance of messages to StagePro Academy via email and social networks saying how much they enjoyed watching or being in the show. Its wonderful to hear and now the big focus is the next showcase.

Big thanks to everyone that helped with Show Props, Costumes, Donations and anyone who helped out in anyway. We cannot stress enough how much it means to us and the students. Thank you xx